Here Is Why You Need To Integrate Your Shopify Ticketing Site with the Evey

Your event management is on a mess.
You planned a superb event. Your organizing team spent time designing attractive tickets. You took the online selling option as the best option to dish out the tickets. But things are not working as thought. You can tell the number of tickets sold and how many remaining. You’re expecting guests, but you cannot verify them when they check in. Also, there’s no customization on all emails or e-tickets sent to your guests.
As you know, personalization is a trend in the current e-commerce sector. So, sending generic emails pisses off your guests, and you do not meet your ticket sales threshold. If you are going through these predicaments, you need to add the Evey app on your Shopify ticket-selling website. Here are the reasons why it is a good idea:

Customization of your e-tickets

Indeed, in each event, you will have different ticket categories. The basic categories you can have are normal, VIP, and VVIP. You want these e-tickets to have different customization ranging from appearance, color to price. Also, your attendees must receive their preferred e-tickets. Other guests will prefer purchasing a group ticket. For instance, if you are holding an IT conference, corporates will like to send a team rather than individuals. Hence, you must have an online option for group tickets.
Where possible, offering a discount on various levels will be a necessity to harness your ticket sales. With Shopify Evey integration, customizing your e-tickets is easy. You will not struggle to issue multiple level tickets with varying prices. This way, you harness your ticket sales. Read more  succesfull tips on how to sell your tickets online.

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Enhanced attendee management

A successful event is a product of effective management. You must have well-structured ticketing for efficient and effective attendee management. During the event, you must have a superb way of verifying your guests. Each person attending must be the right one to avoid having a full hall of people who never bought your tickets. Since you sold them online, you need a virtual process of verifying them. Evey is your answer in this situation.
The app enables you to develop a mobile-optimized verification system to check in your guests. You will know how many attendants arrived and whether their tickets are genuine or fake. Also, you may need an opportunity to add new attendants on your system. The Shopify Evey integration provides a superb opportunity for realizing this objective. Hence with it, your attendee management will be effective.

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Selling tickets on different interfaces

Unlike past decades, customers are using different devices to transact online. Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are today’s shopping tools. Ticketing is not left out in this evolution. Your customers need an opportunity to purchase tickets using their PC and mobile devices. So, to harness your ticket sales, you must conform to their likes and preferences. Customizing your Shopify ticket-selling website for web and mobile devices is not optional. Evey app allows you to achieve this desire. With it, you can sell tickets through mobile and website interface without any hurdles. Hence, you will realize your sales level and maximize your profitability.

Easy to export your data

At times, you may need to send updates to your attendees. Probably, you need to remind them on the arrival time, what to carry, and any other relevant updates. For this to happen, you need their email addresses and phone numbers. Also, you must send a customized email to each one of them. This aspect requires a system or app to enhance the objective. With the Shopify Evey app, you can easily export your data to any email marketing app such as MailChimp. This way, you have an opportunity to engage with your attendees all through and in future.


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